FEATURE: Derryl’s Trueno (again)

Tuesday, 27th September, 2011

Derryls Trueno is one of our most favourite street cars from the US. We featured it exactly one year ago to show our local readers how a street spec Corolla should be done and why keeping it simple is sometimes the best thing to do. Since everyone loved it we thought it might be a good thing to feature it again and this time use a bit more comprehensible language.

One year is a lot of time so we messaged Derryl to find out if theres anything new and it turned out that a lot happened since 2010. First thing to mension is definitely the conversion from USDM bumpers to JDM kouki ones. And then back to USDM… We cant blame him for that, ever since we saw our friends USDM Trueno in real life (dont laugh, theyre impossible to get in Europe) we kinda started to like them too.

Derryl also went for a bit different wheel setup. He had a pair of his awesome Impul Hoshinos widened from 7,5″ ET-1 to 9″ with ET -22. Honestly we didnt expect them to fit this well in the back.

Few more upgrades include a 4,77 final drive with Weir Performance spool and a RS Yasu induction box for his 20 valve. If you want to know Derryls entire setup you can chack his build thread at Club4AG.

But this 86 isnt really meant to impress with its spec list. Its build to drive and that exactly what it did this year. Derryl even took it to All Star Bash at Willow Springs this summer (which makes us pretty jealous). And as a true 86er hes not afraid to take it out when everyone else should be in bed…

Oh and one more thing.

We thought it might be a good idea to spice up these features a little bit by letting the owners tell about their 86s their own way. So from now on we will try to give everyone this set of questions to see how they personally feel about their cars. Derryl was really open with his answers and we thank him for that!

Why did you pick the 86?

What inspired me to get an ae86 was influenced by my older brother. He bought a kouki corolla hatchback back in 2002 when I was only a sophomore in high school. I helped him and did a lot of work on that car and thought it was the coolest thing ever. When it came to my 16th birthday my dad bought me my first car, a red 1985 toyota corolla gt-s hatchback for 400 dollars. It was beat and needed a ton of work since it sat in a junkyard for seven years. From those experiences is how my obsession started.

Why this model and not a Levin or a 2 door?

In the United states we didn’t get the levin or fixed headlight corollas due to strict safety standards regarding headlight size and crash regulations. We were only sold the trueno version with the retractable pop up headlights and 5mph crash bumpers. I owned a kouki coupe that was two tone red and black but I was rear ended by a careless driver only four months after GT-S swapping the chassis.

What do you like about your 86?

What I like about my 86 is the individualism about it. Unlike a s-chassis where you can buy a bunch of parts off eBay and everyone has the same mods a 86 is more personal since there are a lot of one off parts that have been discontinued, are hard to obtain, but mostly that you have to fabricate parts to work.

What do you hate about your 86?

The thing I hate the most about my 86 is that it makes me feel guilty. By guilty I don’t mean because almost all of my money goes into a car; by guilt it is because I bought this car from the original owner who kept it in it’s original form unmolested. I feel like drifting, hard driving, and being driven daily (by me) is destroying this car. But on the other hand I hate seeing cars that are built and are just admired by looking at them. My ae86 has over 35x,xxx miles and I bought it at 300!

How many times did it piss you off so much that you wanted to sell it?

My car always pisses me off but it’s never the car that makes me want to sell it, it’s always me who wants to start with a new chassis. For a while I went through a Cressida stage which I bought a mx83 (and resold) and even a mk2 supra which I rebuilt the engine on and made coilovers for and also sold the car. If you look online you’ll see that I’ve tried to sell this car five times over the years and actually have had a buyer that was willing to give me 6 grand the next day. But the thought of seeing someone else own my car is heartbreaking and through even the worst situations I will hold onto this car.

How many times did you crash your 86?

I’ve crashed this car a few times. I drifted at all star bash XI this year and hit a hay bale with my passenger side door. It caved in pretty bad but I was able to pop it out with my palm after taking off the door panel. Video to repair -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivgaZG25PTk . I’ve also put this chassis half way off a mountain pass road and have gone backwards up a curb. As I mentioned before it does make me feel guilty but drifting and driving this car is so much fun. My first corolla had it way worse when I totaled it doing manjis in the rain. I spun out, hit a curb and slid on top of the curb. I flattened every frame rail on the car, broke a control arm, bent a spindle, bent a axle, bent two wheels, and kinked my exhaust.

Got a blog or a website where we can follow you?

I do have a blog but rarely blog onelungderryl.blogspot.com. But I do have a build thread that I update regularly on both club4ag and norcaldrift.

Thanks again Derryl!

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