FEATURE: Dave’s Garagehachi.com Trueno Coupe

Wednesday, 12th October, 2011

Ireland is home to some of the finest AE86′s in Europe, Killian’s Team Tekno Levin or Jerry’s Turbo Coupe being just the tip of the iceberg of their amazing 86 scene. There are dozens of Irish Corollas that deserve the same attention but don’t recieve it. We’re going to change that.

Garage Hachi’s Kev and Dave built a pair of absolutely amazing Corollas and we’re not saying that just because we have a soft spot for Trueno Coupes and biege 3-door Levins. Lets take a look at Dave’s Trueno first…

The 2-door chassis with a Trueno front is something that can really divide AE86′s fans. Some see it as an ultimate representation of the 80′s futuristic design and love it above everything else, others think its a hideous abomination and can’t get over it. We weren’t sure about it when we started learning about AE86s too but as time passed and we were getting older and more mature (haha), we couldn’t ressist and fell in love with its boxy shape as well.

Dave’s 86 started life as a Kouki reverse-panda in Japan before it was imported to Ireland with the help of Powervehicles. After having a lot of fun with it over the time Dave gave the chassis a full restoration this summer and added a few goods to that to get his car where it is now. Amongh them was a complete grey metallic paintjob and a set of bronze Rays TE37Vs.

And as you can see the combination works great. Here’s more detailed info Dave sent us about his ride..

Early front splitter combo with Runfree aero, flared steel arches, full respray in special colour
Original 16v T-VIS 4A-GE
Standard T50 and LSD drum axle (for now!)
Fujitsubo Super Ex Header, stainless decat into Fujitsubo Legalis R muffler
Complete ARC super intake system;
Coilovers all round with 6kg front, 5kg rear MCN springs, all MCN/AVO dampers;
Volk TE37V: front 14×8.5 -5 with 185/55 Yokohama, 14×9 -15 with 195/60 Falken
C’s shifter, works bell rapfix, Nardi, And some other interior comforts

We can’t help it but in our eyes this is the perfect way to build a Corolla. While it has some decent parts here and there (we especially dig the Fujitsubo catback and ARC intake), its not overdone with unnecessary mods. This should be an example to everyone who wants to mod their 86s!

Just like in Derryl’s case we asked Dave and Kev to tell us a bit more about their Corollas. Here are Dave’s answers.

Why did you pick the 86?
Its a small, lightweight, rear wheel drive car with almost videogame inspired 80′s boxy looks, and lots of tuning parts available. Also I saw how much fun two of my good friends were having with them while I was struggling with an overweight and underpowered rwd euro project.

Why this model and not a Levin or a 3 door?
I just loved the shape of the two door Trueno, the sloping angulare lines and pop up lights are awesome, plus its the rarest body type in Ireland and I wanted something a little different to what most 86ers had here.

What do you like about your 86?
The handling, the character of the 4AGE, the pure fun of driving it everywhere, endless modifications and improvements.

What do you hate about your 86?
Noisy drivetrain, gear ratios are a bit impractical sometimes, and the endless modifications and improvements…

How many times did it piss you off so much that you wanted to sell it?
Never! Although sometimes I think about having a second, more practical companion car, but the 86 will never go. I can always take the motorbike if I need a break from 4 wheels.

How many times did you crash your 86?
Crash is a strong word, splitter eating roundabout in the rain, and quarter panel hitting a fence in the snow are about the worst of it ;)

Got a blog or a website where we can follow you?
yep, www.garagehachi.com

Next up is Kev’s tough looking Levin!

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