FEATURE: Tom’s Team NBU Levin

Thursday, 3rd November, 2011

Our first two car features focused on Corollas from places with the biggest AE86 scenes – the US and Ireland. But theres a lot of 86s worth mentioning over here in continental Europe too, like this serious Levin owned by Tom from Luxembourg.

Toms car started life as a regular kouki Levin that was rebuild to do some rallying. As you can see though it barely resembles a rally car these days thanks to its genuine Origin bodykit, although some parts like the Compomotive wheels or the huge rollcage are something that you can still see on almost every European rally machine.

It doesnt really stop with the usual “coilovers, LSD and wheels” mods this time. This car is a serious track machine with Wilwood brake kit, Whiteline swaybars and a fully built engine with standalone ECU waiting to be mounted in the engine bay. If you have places like the Spa Francorchamps and the infamous Nurburgring less then 100 miles away from home you know you have to take it seriously.

We gave Tom our standard set of questions

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so that he can tell you more about his 86 in his own way. Dont forget to check out his team-mates monkeymagic86 blog for a full speclist and hi-res photos!

Why did you pick the 86?
Long long time ago when I first noticed the hachiroku , I guess it was in an old bmi video, I felt like I should have one. I just loved the looks and the performance of it. Lightwheigt n/a rwd just sounded soo good. But being very unknown in my country and with almost no examples left I never considered buying one, especially not one out of my country. So after having sold my Honda S2000 this year (2011) and a mate having almost totally restored his ’86 Levin 2 door, who by the way teased me all the time that I should buy it, I finally bought that 86. Another factor was that a good mate owns a pumpkin orange Levin 2 door and showed me several times the pleasure of driving an 86.

Why this model and not a Trueno or a 3 door?
Pure coincidence, I never preferred a model! Every model got its own style and soul, every model can be made very beautiful. For now I feel like a 2 door is more like a man’s car. And it’s lighter too.

What do you like about your 86?
The smell of the interior, it smells like the cars has given a lot of smiles. I love that my 86 is very stiff and raw. I love that the 86 is a car from the 80s. The 80s and 90s are just my favorite production years. Another thing I love about the 86 is that is easy to work on.

What do you hate about your 86?
I hate that I love the car. Otherwise I would just missile it to junk like a lot of people are doing it over the world. But a LHD 86 in good shape just became too rare to do so.

How many times did it piss you off so much that you wanted to sell it?
Almost after every trackday some bits had to be replaced or serviced but it never came into my mind to sell it. That doesn’t means that it hasn’t pissed me off!

How many times did you crash your 86?
Went off the track several times but never crashed it. Well I only drove it for one season until now.

Got a blog or a website where we can follow you?
You can follow team NBU on my mate’s blog with the orange Levin – monkeymagic86.wordpress.com

Thanks for your time Tom! To all you out there: if you want your car to be featured on our blog, dont be shy and email us or send us a message on Facebook!

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