Dancing at Sekia Hills

Tuesday, 25th September, 2012

Back when I was young and the internet was very slow I found a site called NEKOPUNCH. Could it be 2005 or 2006? I was only finding out


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the wonderful world of drifting back then and I had no idea what 86s or 4AGs are. But when I saw the first seconds of this video from that site I was instantly hooked up to the amazing sound of that wierd biege car!

Dear Nekopunch, if you read this, THANK YOU!

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The secret behind Ueo’s 86

Tuesday, 8th November, 2011

Have you ever wondered how Katsuhiro Ueo managed to kick so many Silvia’s ass back in early 2000′s with his little N/A Corolla? We all know he has some serious driving skills but there was a lot of setup magic involved in his success too. Here are some details.

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