Why we like Rough World more then Rauh Welt

Tuesday, 15th November, 2011

Rauh Welt recently hit a milestone that many Japanese tuners dream of but only few manage to achieve – they conquered the western world. With Fatlace and Mayday Garage building their first RWB 911s in the US and Vogue Auto putting together one in the UK, not to mention the rightful internet hype surrounding it, Rauh Welt got further then anyone would think. But is it still the same “Rought World” that it used to be?

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Google Street view x 86 shops

Monday, 26th September, 2011

We put this post together as sort of a celebration of our second birthday back in 2010. We wasted a few hours of our lives with the amazing Google Street view app and we tried to sniff out a few japanese workshops that might have some 86s parked outside. Heres the result.

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