The secret behind Ueo’s 86

Tuesday, 8th November, 2011

Have you ever wondered how Katsuhiro Ueo managed to kick so many Silvia’s ass back in early 2000′s with his little N/A Corolla? We all know he has some serious driving skills but there was a lot of setup magic involved in his success too. Here are some details.

Hidden deep in the English version of JDM Options website lies a translated article featuring many details of Ueo’s legendary Trueno. It won’t be fair to simply copy and paste the whole

article though, we will just pick our most favourite part and let you enjoy the entire Engrish piece on the original site over here.

So how did Ueo managed to destroy others who had twice the horspepower? This might give you a hint…

“One of the secrets to the fact that Ueo hardly ever spins out is in the front tires. Since his debut, Ueo had always used 14 inch rims with 185 spec tires. The key setting in this setup is when the machine is drifting and the throttle is depressed, the front tires begin to slide as well. As result of this, when the countersteer is maxed out and the drift angle is at its peak, the vehicle still resists spinning out. If wider tires are installed on this setup, the deep angles that are currently exhibited would not be possible.”

See? We keep saying it over and over again, it’s all about balance and sometimes less is actually more. Keep that it mind!

Remember to visit Options site for the whole article, it’s definitely worth reading over if you haven’t seen it before. If you have the time then take a look at’s comprehensive post on Ueo too, it gives you an insight into his career like noone else does. Also, Super Street featured Ueo’s machine in 2009 as well.

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2 Responses to “The secret behind Ueo’s 86”

  1. ZaX says:

    One of my favourite AE86 cars ever.

  2. Madish says:

    I also read somewhere that because of the transmission setting with only 3 long gears, Ueo was able to hit the corner at high speed and use the braking of the engine to decrease the speed – this resulted in high speed entries.
    Interesting to watch some onborad videos with 1-2-3 gearbox layout :D

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