Oldyotas: Toyota Soarer Z10

Friday, 26th June, 2009
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4 Responses to “Oldyotas: Toyota Soarer Z10”

  1. Franczz says:

    Je krásnej, hodně na tohle auto myslim, to je přesně ten styl, co mi vyhovuje… :) doufám, že ji seženu!

  2. Dexxi says:

    Už jsem to auto v pár videích viděl, tak konečně vím, co je zač :) Parádní auto, děkuju :)

  3. banpei says:

    I saw one in the Louwman museum two years ago and it is a really beautiful car! If it weren’t for those security guards at the entrance I would have swapped it for my AE86:

    From what I heard of the chassis is not the same as the A6 CelicaXX (aka Supra). It was based upon the A6 Chassis and the wheelbase was increased 4,5cm. It does share the same front and end parts of the chassis. Hence the Z chassis designation.

    For more bosozoku and shakotan boogie soarers:

  4. Spitfire says:

    Hey Banpei, thanks for the additional info!

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