Pic: Boro?

Thursday, 11th March, 2010

Ne, tahle 70 se zrovna nevrací z Ebisu ani z nějakého kopce. Ve skutečnosti s ní jezdí (skoro) každý den nějaký blázen v Malajsii na nákupy. Dává to slovu “boro” úplně jiný rozměr, co myslíte?

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8 Responses to “Pic: Boro?”

  1. Slappy says:

    I cant believe they are actually driving that thing!

  2. Dexxi says:

    Co to auto proboha drží pohromadě?! Neskutečné…

  3. Skili says:

    to drzi jen silou vule

  4. 86LIFE says:

    Crazy! I saw this car at christmas parked near where I was staying but never saw it driving around. Tthere are plenty like this over there as dailys. Cars are expensive over there and I guess there are better things to spend your money on. Its better than driving a Proton.

  5. Dapip says:

    I wonder how long this car can hold it together.

  6. oldskull says:

    I am sure this photo have been taken in Malaysia. I am Malaysian who live in Holland and i was surprised to see this kind of car still driving around in Malaysia :P

  7. 86LIFE says:

    Thats funny. My brother in law is Dutch and lives in Malaysia. Looks like you guys did a swap.

  8. J_P says:

    ..ale furt jezdí!

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