Happy 86 Day!

Monday, 6th August, 2012

Happy 8-6 day everyone! (or at least everyone in the US, Australia and NZ). We all love our AE86s and we love them even more when theyre sitting low with some dished wheels but people should not forget how the 86 started and why it became such a legend in the 80′s. It was mainly because it was skidding all over the place on its tiny 13″ wheels! Heres a reminder of those days – a booklet from Toyota Germany from one of our good friends who got it from a person that picked it at its local Toyota dealership back when you could buy the 86 brand new. Click on the images to see them in high res.

Dont forget your roots!

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SCANS: From zero to hero

Tuesday, 20th September, 2011

One of our friends scored a new issue of the famous japanese Levin & Trueno magazine back in early 2011 and when we first opened it we nearly had a heart attack. This is the reason why.

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SCANS: Girls like to hit it sideways too

Monday, 20th June, 2011

We found a report in one of our older Drift Tengoku magazines from some girls only drift event. The last few pages even included some small profile like pictures of the participants and as you can imagine there were even a few decent 86s around. Did you notice that girls who drive

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out their cars that much?

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SCANS: Imamura vs. Taniguchi

Monday, 16th May, 2011

Some time ago one of my friends who lived in Japan moved his entire collection of more then 150 Option, Drift Tengoku, Rev Speed and other magazines to my place because he had no place to put it. Its been a while and I still havent looked through all of them but you can imagine what kind of awesome stuff waits inside. When I found this in a one of 2002 issues of Drift Tengoku I nearly wet my pats and the same might happen to you too bacause its an article about one of the most legendary AE86s ever – Youichi Imamuras I.C.B.M Trueno. Finding anything about this 86 except one video

is almost impossible!

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