FEATURE: Keisuke’s 86Fighters Levin

Thursday, 8th December, 2011

We said it many times before and we’ll say it again: New Zealand has the one of the most amazing grassroot car scene there is. Taking your car out to do some skinds in the night is something as natural in NZ as it is in Japan. Their 86s often look simple, but dont get the wrong impression, they drive them hard all the time.

Keisukes 2door Levin is a great example of how close the Japanese and NZ scenes are. His 86 looks like it came straight from a Japanese mountain pass (well, it actually did) and it has all the things that you would see on other daily drifted 86s in Japan – a bit of dents and rust here and there, drivers bucket seat, a set of amazing oldschool Japanese wheels and the obligatory panda paintjob.

Keisuke is running a set of 14×8,5″ SSR Superstars with extremely low -22 ET (seen in the first picture). Just like many other street spec Corollas he left the engine more or less stock and focused on chassis and drivetrain instead. The typical coilovers are completed with all kinds of adjustable stuff like Nagisa Auto tension rods, panhard rod and stuff like that. The most noticeable change in the drivetrain is a 3,7kg Toda flywheel coupled with Silk Road 3puck clutch. Its all about the driving feel!

There are obviously dozens of other details that Keisuke added over time. Dont forget to check out his 86Fighters blog to see all he did on this ground up build since the day he bought it bone stock.

Heres more about this Levin from the words of his owner. Thanks for your time K!

Why did you pick the 86?
I picked the 86 as when I was younger and got introduced to drifting, I found that my father was friends with a local 86 Hero here in NZ, Reo Yoshimizu from Tama Autos and fell in love with the style and culture of the car (Option Videos, Initial D etc). Loved the uniqueness of each 86

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and how they were driven and wanted to do the same.

Why this model and not a Trueno or a 3 door?
I’ve always been a fan of notchbacks no matter what type of car, originally the TA22 Celica was the first car that made the difference. I started off with a Trueno Notch, progressed to a Levin Notch which I regrettably had to sell on so thought to myself that I definitely had to get my hands on another one.

What do you like about your 86?
I have a mindset of “Its no fun without a challenge” and this car suits that phrase like bread and butter. The variety of styles and personality that makes each 86 individual is what I love and to become part of that culture is probably the best part of 86life. I love driving the car and working on it, its definitely a enthusiats car, and depending on what you do to the car, it either rewards you or tells you that its not working.

What do you hate about your 86?
Like all 86 and pre 80′s car owners, I hate rust. But thats all apart of it I guess.

How many times did it piss you off so much that you wanted to sell it?
I have never been so angry at my 86 so far. It has treated me well and I hope to have done the same for it haha.

How many times did you crash your 86?
Ive never crashed an 86, although I have taken off a rear bumper on a grass hedge before getting a bit wide.

Got a blog or a website where we can follow you?
I have been running the blog 86Fighters for a while now which follows the journeys of my friends and I through NZ and sometimes Japan when I have the chance to go back so check it out there.

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