Google Street view x 86 shops

Monday, 26th September, 2011

We put this post together as sort of a celebration of our second birthday back in 2010. We wasted a few hours of our lives with the amazing Google Street view app and we tried to sniff out a few japanese workshops that might have some 86s parked outside. Heres the result.

Carland 86
Street view link

Lets begin with the place that started this whole thing. The look at Carland 86s front porch is a legendary thing that has been around the internet ever since Google launched Street view. Google started to update its images with higher definition ones now so you can finally enjoy the biggest AE86 reseller even more. Oh and also theres no truck blocking the view anymore.

Street view link

Impulse doesnt need any introduction and its been featured on our blog many times before. There are still no HD picutres of their place yet but thats not really a problem this time. Take a look around the corner, theres about a dozen of cars hidden under canvas. Guess whats underneath it…

Techno Pro Spirits
Street view link

Techno Pro Spirits is another place that needs no introduction. Theres

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also a bunch of cars in front of the shop that many of you know from the Best Motoring series.

Tube Garage
Street view link

Tube Garage is a place that you might have seen on our blog too. Just like Carland 86 and Impulse, Tube Garage focuses on restoring and reselling japanse oldtimers, mainly Toyotas. If you have the courage then take a look at their website and start selling your organs…

SS Works
Street view link

SS Works is one of the shops that frequently attends the legendary N2 races. Their Levin Coupe with insane rollcage and aerodynamics has some serious respect just like their Honda CR-X. Unfortunately there arent many things to see in Street view. Well except a bunch of Peugeots.

Racing Garage SIFT
Street view link

This little shop owned by the legendary Katsuhiro Ueo is located in a small metal shack that looks like its going to fall apart any time soon. Theres a nice pack of Corollas next to the shack in various state of decay. God we would give anything for a calm place in the countryside like this…

Flyrat + Up Garage
Street view link

Well, we didnt expect these two places to be right next to each other. Flyrat is just like Tube Garage a reseller of oldtimers and Up Garage is one of the biggest seller of wheels and tires in the area.

Run Free
Street view link

This small inconspicuous building is definetly worth mentioning too. It belongs to Run Free and you can spot their legendary red Trueno in front. Or at least we think its that Trueno…

Dropps Racing
Street view link

We didnt come across Dropps Racing before but judging by their shop and their track spec Levin we guess they sure have a good reputation in the area.

Street view link

Droo-P is a shop owner by an ex-mechanic from team BP Kraft which is responsible for the legendary GT300 Trueno. Hes also an old punk with a mohawk so dont expect any fancy place.

Rauh Welt
Street view link

Rauh Welt is pretty popular these days and even though they dont build Corollas any more we still fall from our chairs when we see their new creations. Just like SIFT theyre located in a small shack thats decorated inside like a chirstmas tree.

Global Auto
Street view link

And since weve got this thing going so nicely we thought we might take a peek at Global Auto too. They dont

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have anything to do with Corollas but that doesnt really matter if you ask us…

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4 Responses to “Google Street view x 86 shops”

  1. 86life says:

    Happy Birthday guys!

  2. Chris Gray says:

    some High Res, of Impulse AE86 ;-) add me to links…

  3. Spitfire says:

    Thanks Chris!

  4. Jordan Priddle says:

    Wow guys, love the street views! I visited Garage Runfree while in Japan last year but it was a public Holiday and I could not meet Yamashita-san :( I think my Levin may have been built by them in the “late” style with full Goodline Aero.
    Jordan in NZ

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