Oldschool hardcore

Wednesday, 5th October, 2011

Looks like another beaten up track racer left to rot somewhere in Japan like we’ve seen many times before, right?

Well this one is a little more special then the other ones we’ve featured before.

You see, the real magic happens over here, in the back…

See what we mean?

Thats right! Might not be the prettiest setup around but it sure does the job.

Heres a shot from another angle. Whats you opinion people, is it awesome or is it failing hard?

The interior setup is pretty tough too. Driving seat moved further back, hydraulic pedals, easily accesible ECU and relocated battery… and just look at that shifter!

We don’t have any specs so its pretty hard to guess whats underneath these cam covers but no matter what setup it is running we’re pretty sure it has to be amazing behind the wheel. Besides we all know that the 4AG can be pretty alive even with few basic mods…

One last shot from different angle reveals this 86′s cooling setup. We’ve seen a few track ready Corollas in our lives but this has to be one of the toughest ones ever.

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