Why we like Rough World more then Rauh Welt

Tuesday, 15th November, 2011

Rauh Welt recently hit a milestone that many Japanese tuners dream of but only few manage to achieve – they conquered the western world. With Fatlace and Mayday Garage building their first RWB 911s in the US and Vogue Auto putting together one in the UK, not to mention the rightful internet hype surrounding it, Rauh Welt got further then anyone would think. But is it still the same “Rought World” that it used to be?

Things have obviously evolved and changed over time. Rough World became Rauh Welt and AE86s turned into all kinds of 911s but the essence was always the

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same. No matter if it was “rough” or “rauh”, Nakai-sans creations always represented the very core of this word. No matter if he was building 86s…

… or 911s, his cars were always ROUGH. Ever since we saw his creations for the first time we were mind blown and we were even more impressed when we started learning more about the history of RWB.

Thanks to various blogs and journalists all of us could follow every Nakai-sans move and see his creations almost first hand. We could see the peak of his work in cars like the “Penthouse” 964, “Natty Dread” 993 and of course his personal “Stella Artois” 930. We see these three as the ultimate representation of a “rough” approach to building a car and we secretly hope that our 86s will one day give the same impression.

So whats the problem then? Well, calling it a problem is an overstatement but somehow we just dont see that much roughness in Nakai-sans new cars anymore. Dont get the wrong idea, we still think theyre amazing…

… but ever since he switched to the new “Royal Montegobay” 993 we just couldnt see the same amount of roughness in them. It was clean, tough looking, maybe even mature but it was just too clean to be called “Rough” in our opinion. There were no mismatched panels, no dents, no crazy aerodynamic details, no ruckus in the interior…

And the same thing popped up in our minds when we first saw the Pandora 911. It is extremely well built, has an absolutely mental engine setup, looks very good… but it just isnt rough. It is hardcore, but not rough.

Maybe its just because these cars are too new and they will roughen up gradually. Maybe we just take this shit too seriously. Maybe… Either way it seems that Nakai-san has evolved to a new level. Just like your favourite band that youve been listening to for ten years and to whose newest CD you just cant get into. You still love them but you keep listening to their older stuff more often. Catch my point?

Theres one person though who still seems to stick to the same idea. Nojima-san, the RWB painter, still drives his trusted 86 that he transformed into a complete beast. The car was pretty mean before (check out Noriyaro or Speedhunters for more pics) but its latest transformation is, in our opinion, the truest embodiment of the word ROUGH.

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4 Responses to “Why we like Rough World more then Rauh Welt”

  1. Slappy says:

    Sadly mainstream kills….& so does America. I hope we don’t ruin the RWB “movement”.

  2. mark says:

    Rauh Welt will always have the same meaning in my mind because it is nakai’s creation. he’s just transformed. america didnt make RWB mainstream, the internet and the fans made the brand known. What he created is awesome and I’m pumped that I have one of his creations.

  3. banpei says:

    I have to agree with Slappy: let’s hope RWB doesn’t get ruined by all the mainstream attention. It is the same thing with Fatlace: I already see people start to detest its movement while they actually do great things.

    I must admit the last transformation of the Levin just stunned me: it is everything I love of the RWB creations and more! It is rough as an uncut diamond and at the same time refined as a polished ruby!

  4. Mike says:

    Thanks guys for letting us know what you think. And thanks Mark for dropping by and giving us your opinion, we really appreciate it!

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